Astrid Eugéne Campos is an Artist and Graphic Designer based in South Bay California. She moved north to pursue her Bachelor's in Visual Communication and minored in Art History and Art Studio. She produced collaborative projects with other artists and exhibited work for galleries and museums. Native to the southern coast of California, she went back to Los Angeles and undertook odd pro bono jobs as a Freelance Graphic Designer. She now works as an inhouse Graphic Designer / Art Director in Bixby Knolls.

When not occupied with her work or studio projects she writes nonsensical poems and prose, and sleuths by night. However, she spends most of her waking hours traversing the net lately. On the interweb she goes by the moniker aesthete, quotidian, or qwertyastrid or something remotely conclusive and facetious. Although she has been intermittently blogging since 2000, she still considers herself a novice. Astrid was featured on social platforms such as Nuji and Svpply, and made it as one of the top pinners to follow on Pinterest according to The Huffington Post. Unbeknownst to her as to how or why, she's found herself amongst a niche of pinners and bloggers as a Publisher and Influencer, garnering her quite a handful of followers and stalkers. She had the opportunity to work on campaigns with J.Crew, Madewell, Levi's, and other brands. 

Some facts and not so interesting details that you may not know about her: Her comrade in crime and flatmate is a terrier called Kip, whose partial to peanut butter and ginger cookies. Curious and a perpetual student, she occasionally indulge her interests in culture, science and nature. One of the smallest species of ants was discovered and named after her grandfather called Aenictus camposi and is exhibited in a private collection in Harvard University. Other quirks include her name being an anagram to time and relative dimension in space or tardis (she speaks geek ergo nerdsighted prone).

Astrid is the Founder of Aesthete Curator and Aesthete Journal, a creative journal and repository of works featuring contemporary artists, designers, and artisans. If you wish to get a hold of her and learn about her networks & whereabouts, follow if so inclined.

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